EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

How Important is Branding in Your Musical Career?

=Branding is a fundamental part of generating relationships with the consumer. Just posting “Hey listen to my song plz” is gonna accomplish nothing. Why? Because there’s no incentive for people to click it. And so you often have to think like the consumer when generating marketing decisions. 

A good example of branding is Majestic Casual. They integrate photography into their content - making them an "audiovisual blog". This therefore allows them to work alongside professional photographers and grow their channel within the photography industry (as well as music). 

A good way to brand yourself is often by establishing a theme around your content. If you’re a YouTube promotion channel that uploads Chill Music, why not create content based around exotic destinations? eg. A mini documentary on why you should visit the beaches of the Maldives.

Once you have an established brand that reinforces your YouTube content, you can then start to work with companies/influencers who are prominent within that sector such as Hotel chains & Airlines etc.

But how can you get people’s attention?

 Here's a mini step by step guide:

1) Go to relevant social accounts/hashtags associated with your brand on Facebook & Instagram etc. 

2) Comment on them with some value. So providing a helpful insight or just knowledgable information on a subject that will help people want to click on your profile.

3) Do 50–100 posts per day, every day, and you’ll gain a LOYAL following of people who want to reguarly engage with your brand.

Metrics such as "likes" or "views" will never define your success. Sure, it may have a short term effect. But in 5 years, I guarantee that people will forget about you. And so you have to create a strong brand that integrates into culture. 

Work hard. Dream high. Achieve.