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EDM.com Spotlight

Tchami Delivers a Bassy Remix of MK's Hit Anthem "17"

As a native to the midst of the vibrant house/techno scene that filled Detroit in the 90s, MK had the opportunity to participate in studio sessions with some of the city's legendary techno artists such as Derrick May and Kevin Sanderson, giving him the guidance to play. MK dabbled with dance music in his early years but then went on to explore the world of hip-hop and R&B, producing hits for artists such as Will Smith, Quincy Jones, Diane Warren, Tyrese, Brandy, and Pitbull. MK didn't make a return in the world of dance music until November 2013, when his remix of Storm Queen's song "Look Right Through" topped the UK charts. Since then, his sound has become distinguishable from a mile away. Luckily, for all of the bass house fans out there, the Confession label boss stepped up to the plate to give us a new take on MK's hit “17”.

It seems that after touring nonstop over the past year alongside DJ SNAKE, Mercer, Malaa and others, Tchami would have little time to hop in the studio to cook up new tracks, let alone remix the songs of others. Somehow on top of his heavy schedule, Tchami finds the energy to put out real quality music. Some call him the father to the genre of future house and redefining force in bass house. With this remix of “17”, we get a taste of both worlds. Everything up until the drop will bring veteran Tchami fans back to the signature melodic style with a driving beat that will keep you tapping your foot. Then suddenly the mood changes at the drop, the listener is reminded of the new artist that Tchami has become.This remix is an awesome and dark take on the instant classic, crafted to be heard from the main stage.

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