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EDM.com Spotlight

ICYMI: Dirtyphonics & Sullivan King join forces for metal themed EP

Dirtyphonics recruited Sullivan King for their newest EP! 

As fans of EDM, we've come to expect certain hall marks in every sub genre of Dance Music. Whether it's "four on the floor" beats from House music, auto panned chord progressions in Future Bass or insane drops in Dubstep. Every sub genre of EDM has its own distinct flavor that it brings to the table.  

While every style has its trademark sounds, some artist are starting to branch out into unfamiliar territory. In the case of Dirtyphonics, they've recruited guitarist and producer Sullivan King to give them a metal flavor on their latest EP, Vantablack

While Dirtyphonics has first billing on the project, make no mistake that Sullivan King's fingerprints are all over Vantablack. From listening to the EP, you can tell that this was an equally collaborative effort between the group and the guitarist/producer.  The six track EP gives us a great blend of metal and dubstep that the purists of either genre would love.  

In an age where so much with music production can be done "in the box", it's fantastic hear real drum fills and heavy guitars incorporated into modern electronic music. This project represents the best in what artists from different genres can create together.  Artists should never shy away from being genuine with their work and if that means incorporating influences that your fans wouldn't expect, so be it. 

Kudos to Dirtyphonics and Sullivan King for their great collaboration! If you haven't listened to any of the tracks from Vantablack just yet, you can listen on Monstercat or any of the platforms listed below. 

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