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EDM.com Spotlight

How Humxn is Spreading Positivity in the Music Industry [Interview]

Close friend to Justin Bieber & internet star, Khalil, recently dropped a new single with a mysterious producer under the alias of Humxn. Entitled “Summer Fling,” the catchy song captures the beautiful memories of summer. Pouring emotion, heart, and soul into this future bass hit, it is undeniable that the track is going to grow exponentially in the coming weeks.

EDM.com: I’m listening to "Summer Fling" for the 5th time today - it’s so catchy! Are you going to be doing any shows soon?

Humxn: In 2018, yes. I love playing shows, and have played shows before with guys like Brillz, Must Die, Herobust, Carnage, and others under a different name. But for now, I am building a loyal audience and fanbase with great music and wonderful meaning as Humxn. Qe are all humxn and are a reflection of the universe around us. I want my music, brand, and eventual live shows to all reflect that.

The music industry is filled with so much hate these days. It's refreshing to see people like you that are doing it simply for the music and to build a loyal audience. I respect that.

It is. but not just the music world - our entire world as a whole. I wake up a lot of days and see negative news stories about our President, equality, acts of terrorism and I always think to myself: "Why can't we just treat each other equally for once? We're all humxn." I feel it's a good message, and I hope to impact a lot of humxn's.

Agreed. So is there anybody in the industry that you would like to collaborate with under your Humxn alias?

I'd love to work with Charlie Puth. He's a great singer and music producer as well. The way that his songs blend certain sounds is perfect, and I feel like he's one of the few mainstream artists at the moment who can really hold his ground in terms of where he wants to go with his sound.

That’s awesome! He’s got a great team behind him as well. I can envision him becoming even bigger over the next few months/years. After all, his musical ability is incredible.

It really is! Another artist I also would love to work with is Zedd. He's one of the first artist's in the electronic area of things that I discovered, and one I really look up to.

 In terms of musical direction, are there any genres that you want to try in the future? Or are you gonna stick to a similar vibe to "Summer Fling"?

My musical direction in technical terms is definitely mostly pop-oriented, and always will be - especially because I have a classical music upbringing from two parents in a major symphony orchestra. I love music that makes you feel. Any music that makes you feel will always touch humxn souls with an impact, and that's the music I will always write - adding in elements from all sorts of experiences, people, and ups/downs in my life. In the next songs, you'll hear a lot of my reflection in the universe as a humxn.

That’s awesome! Having a classical upbringing really helps with the musical creativity side of things. But I agree with you. Music allows you to express emotions and feelings. It allows you to connect with people around the world - even if you can’t speak their language. I think that’s wonderful.

It has certainly changed my life. Everything in my life is about music and ties back to music in some form. Emotionally, it's a very strong point as well and I think most humxn's can say the same. There is always a relation to music in the universe. It is the one thing - no matter what language you speak, color you are, country you're from etc that brings us together universally as humxn's.

I totally agree with you. But if you had to live one food for the next 3 years, what would it be?

If I had to live on one food for the next three years, it would most certainly be Oreos.

I would like to thank Humxn for taking the time to talk to me regarding his new single. It is available to stream/download on all major stores.

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