EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

It's All 'Written in the Sand' for Bvd Kult & Will Heggadon [LISTEN]

Relax and enjoy some mellow tunes by Epic Oslo. With many EDM tracks these days sounding the same, innovation is something that is desperately needed within the dance community. With over 1.3 million Spotify streams, Bvd Kult is undoubtedly a rising star due to his innovative tracks. His new song "Written in the Sand" is no exception to his amazing discography.

With multiple releases previously in collaboration with Epic Oslo, Tipsy Records have been constantly delivering the highest quality of music to their listeners.

With over 2 million Spotify streams to date, bvd kult is quickly becoming an icon of the electronic music industry. Featuring soothing vocals from Will Heggadon, the melodies are influenced by a tropical island paradise.

Be sure to check out Tipsy Records/Epic Oslo for more amazing releases in the future!