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EDM.com Spotlight

Porter Robinson has Released a new Song Under the Alias, Virtual Self

Porter's alias, Virtual Self, is back with a new track! 

It is a common belief amongst artists that exploring new sounds and influences can have a very polarizing effect on their career. While some artists successfully shape-shift from one genre to another, others fail miserably at trying something new. For Porter Robinson, exploring new territory as an artist is necessary. 

Since the release Worlds three years ago, Porter has made a career out of taking artistic chances that many of his fans wouldn't see coming.  To be specific, his latest project may be the biggest artistic jump of his career.

Last month, Porter started releasing music under a new alias, Virtual Self. Combined with cryptic messages and vibrant artwork, Virtual Self's music is a reflection of Porter's influences and how he wants to utilize those influences in future releases.  After the release of the first Virtual Self track, "Eon Break" last month, Porter quickly followed up with a new track titled, "Ghost Voices."  

While many fans claim that "Eon Break" sounded a lot like songs they'd hear when they played Dance Dance Revolution, "Ghost Voices" has a far different tone. With its obvious ties to trance, "Ghost Voices" has a mellow but melodic timbre that contradicts the breakneck pace of its predecessor.  The two tracks have very different personalities but perhaps that's what Porter intended with his new project. 

Virtual Self sounds like the passion project that Porter has always wanted to pursue and now was the time to do it.  With two releases in only a matter of weeks, I'm sure that we've only seen the beginning from Virtual Self. 

If you haven't checked out "Ghost Voices" yet, the track can be heard below. What do you guys think? Do you love the direction Porter Robinson's taking with his career?