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We Asked: What Would You Do If You Knew How Long You Had Left to Live?

What do you want to do before you die? What would you do if you found out that you were going to die tomorrow? They're both tough, and thought provoking questions. But we need to talk about them.

Whilst doing research for this article, I found a video that explains my point perfectly. It talks about what you would if you knew how long you had left to live...

I spoke with several people within the electronic music industry to discuss their thoughts about what they would do if they knew exactly how long they had left to live. Here are their responses:

Axol (Artist on NCS):

To be honest, if I knew how long I had until I die, I'd go out and live my life. I'd start traveling and meeting everybody I know from other countries. I'd love to travel around Europe & America and also spend my time making the best music I could whilst having fun with it. I'd do what I'm doing right now - because my life is pretty good.

Peter Berry (Founder of Aux London):

Firstly I would make a short list of priorities because there is no time to mess about here. I’d visit the people I love, play a lot of guitar loudly. My next priority would be visiting as many places as possible to experience cultures and meet incredible new people. Preferably warm places with a jacuzzi of some form nearby and really fresh food I haven’t tried. 

Would I still be doing what i am doing right now? 100% I struggle not to work even on weekends and I love what I do so it might not be in the same way or the same capacity because we have very limited time here but I’d still be involved in music somehow or promoting a track somewhere just to get me out of bed and motivated and most importantly feel like I’m moving forward. Music is my absolute life so I’d be either playing it extortionately loud or uploading some fire mixtape somewhere but it wouldn’t stop for anything.

Levianth (Artist on Trap Nation):

I wouldn't change a thing as I'd still be doing what I do. It makes me happy so i'd have no regrets.

Blinded Hearts (Artist on Casual Jam):

The only thing i would change is to quit my regular job and spend all the time left with my girlfriend and family, travelling around the world, creating music, doing sports and enjoy every single minute with a cup of coffee in my hand.
What are your dreams & ambitions that you wanna accomplish before you die? Let me know in the comments.