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EDM.com Spotlight

Make Some New Resolutions With This Ultimate Bucket List for 2018

We have reached the end of 2017! With many new lessons and experiences behind us, what better way to ring in the new year than to create the ultimate bucket list for 2018!? For your New Years Resolution, take risks and challenge your capabilities. We have compiled doable and reachable goals for anyone to accomplish this year

Learn to DJ

Do you ever wonder what your favorite DJs are pushing, twisting and spinning on stage? Take away that mystery this year and learn to DJ! There are easy go-to tutorials are all over Youtube. Once you dabble, you can upload your creations to Soundcloud! You may the first person your friends call for the next p

Get ome Shoulder Action

Whether you are on shoulders or have someone on yours, make it a goal to share that euphoric experience with someone! Whether it’s a stranger, a friend or a significant other, the rush of that moment is irreplaceable!

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Make Your First Song

Have you ever been fascinated by how your favorite song was made? Maybe you can’t articulate that sound you heard or the feeling it gave you but you can definitely teach yourself some tricks! Make yourself pr creating your first song this year!

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Ride the Rail at Your avorite show

The front rails of a show is the pinnacle of an immersive experience. Yes crowds suck but make it a goal to get there early and make it to the front for your favorite artist. The sound along with the intimacy is a worthwhile experience!

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If it's Coachella, or EDC, a road trip with your closest friends is the ultimate experience that you will never forget. Grab some snacks, the aux and make it a priority to create this quality memory this !

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Go to a new Festival

Sometimes we get in the habit of making the same festivals our annual traditions. Nothing wrong with that! However, have you seen all the other festivals this planet has to offer?! Look into creating an entire new experience by planning a trip to a different festival!