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EDM.com Spotlight

Donald Trumps Reasons For Meeting The Pen Pineapple Apple Pen Guy Revealed

During Donald Trump's Asia visit that was filled with political figures, an unexpected guest turned up to his event in Tokyo...

Pikotaro, also known as the Pineapple Pen guy, was given the honor to sing for The President Of The United States during a dinner with the Japanese Prime Minster. Having released several projects on Ultra Music, Pikotaro is certainly a recognizable figure within EDM culture.

So to sum things up, President Trump was discussing the nuclear threat from Kim Jong Un while listening to the Pineapple Pen Song... great.

Tweeting several photos of himself alongside the world leaders, Pikotaro was extremely excited to have the opportunity to perform. 

He also stated:

"I have had a very valuable experience in my life today. Also, I just make fun music. And I want to deliver a small smile to everyone."

Maybe he could be the next world leader...