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EDM.com Spotlight

YouTube is Getting a New Integration Which Will Make Snapchat Less Relevant

Separating social content from media, Snapchat's new design is unlikely to save it from the problems that the company has recently faced. Okay sure, it could make the app more efficient to use... but that's about it. With many content curators flocking to Facebook due to the introduction of many new features, it is inevitable that the white ghost is facing a giant decline in its daily users. 

To make matters even worse, YouTube recently unveiled a new feature entitled "Reels" which acts as "stories" on the social platform which will never expire. 

After missing its revenue targets, Snapchat is now trying to find innovative ways to distinguish themselves from other platforms. Don't get me wrong: I love the app. The problem is that they keep coming up with new features that other platforms (such as Facebook) are able to replicate extremely easily. That's the problem. 

Well known for its Augmented Reality (AR) features, the app is now monetizing filters and AR characters in order to appeal to both the consumer and commercial business market. The problem is that it may be too late. Competing against the likes of Facebook & Google is never a good idea... especially when they're able to replicate every single feature. As much as it hurts to say this, Snap could potentially become irrelevant within the next 24 months (like what Tumblr is today).

But how can YouTube reels be used creatively? In my opinion, they serve a great purpose for taking viewers behind the scenes of how the channel is operated, and also as a documentation of the journey to success. 

Augmented Reality applications such as Pokemon Go have proven to be an extremely successful business model. One suggestion that I would have is to integrate local businesses into the Snap Map based on the location, and then offering an incentive for people to go and interact with the company in-store. eg. Add the company Snap Code to receive 20% off a purchase. You get the idea...

Evan Spiegel is amazing CEO. I have a tremendous amount of respect for him. However, I just feel as if his vision is blurred as to where he wants to take the company.