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EDM.com Spotlight

Spotify's Discovery Playlists May Soon Be Getting a Like/Dislike Feature

Spotify is testing a new feature for weekly playlists! 

As music consumers, we've all bought into a specific streaming service to fit our listening needs. Regardless of the platform, we all have our form of music streaming that suits us as we see fit. While  Spotify seems to be the heavy favorite in the streaming market, it's not without its faults. 

One common complaint amongst customers is the inability to "like or dislike" a specific track on a recommended playlist.  Fortunately, the popular streaming platform has taken a step towards fixing that.  

Some listeners have recently discovered two icons when they play a selected track in their "Discovery Weekly" playlist. Those icons are a heart and a blocked sign. As we would all guess, those icons represent a like or dislike button for the selected track. 

These new icons can be found in the bottom left hand corner of the page when a song is playing.  After doing some digging, members have found out that Spotify is testing this new "like/dislike" feature as a way to see how it can help their listeners find new music in the future.  

While only select listeners have been able to access this new function, this is a fantastic development for all Spotify listeners.  If the platform is able to successfully implement a like/dislike function, this could help all listeners dictate their future playlists instead of using a specific algorithm to generate tracks based on listener preferences.  

Spotify hasn't confirmed whether or not this test will lead to the new feature being a permanent feature on the platform, but it's nice to see that they're trying to make their service more user friendly.  

Fans, what do you think of this move by Spotify? For those of you that got access to this feature, has it helped shape your "Discovery Weekly" playlist for the better? 

H/T: Dancing Astronaut