EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

The Next Generation of Social Media influencers Will Come From Musical.ly

As discussed in previous articles, Musical.ly is a platform that I have a lot of confidence in. After all, it is no longer just Facebook & Instagram that act as a platform for building a social following. With over 200 million active users, the demographic compromised of mostly teenage users creating content around their favorite songs.

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But what makes Musical.ly so special? 

The answer is attention. 

The application has perfectly captured the attention of younger demographics by allowing users to interact with content - therefore allowing it to become extremely popular. But it's much more than a Lip Syncing app. With comedy shows, animals, and various other pieces of content enhanced by music, it is proving to be a platform in which (mostly) teenagers, can create their own personal brand around their creativity. 

We all love to sing in the shower and on long road trips. Musical.ly simply taps into that natural behavior and levels the playing field. After all, it feels amazing to curate content based around your favorite song. And with the ability to share videos to the likes of Instagram and Facebook, cross promoting content is extremely easy for "Musers" to enhance their fanbase.

Regardless of what some adults may think of the application, it is undeniable that Musical.ly has enabled young stars of the future to have the opportunity to create content, and share their creativity with the entire world. I think that's truly wonderful.