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The Chainsmokers Respond to Nickelback Comparison on Twitter [WATCH]

Let's face it. You either love The Chainsmokers or you hate them. There's very little room for grey in the black and white world of these "Closer" stars.

Which is why the Esquire's recent comparison of The Chainsmokers as EDM's version of Nickleback, is, let's admit it, pretty funny. Nickleback may have had moments of major commercial success, but their soft lyrical approach to arena rock made have made them the band you love to hate for over a decade. Now, Esquire's Matt Miller is arguing that The Chainsmokers are going to kill EDM stone-dead with their mass popularization of watered-down electronic music.

In a scything deconstruction, Miller breaks down what makes The Chainsmokers 'so intolerable':

Let's begin with genre cliches. From The Chainsmokers' unabashed borrowing from Calvin Harris, Kygo, Deadmau5, and Avicii to its college frat-bro baiting hooks, the duo sounds like it was written by and for the programmers of a Pandora EDM channel. Whether by laziness, stupidity, or through market research, the duo has managed to create beer pong tournament background music that offers nothing but repackaged EDM tropes for Spotify plays. And that's totally fine if all you care about is making Billboard lists (which Chainsmokers did for multiple weeks with three songs in 2016); many other pop acts have done this and many more will do this in the future.

Is he right? Well, that's for you to judge. But something we can all appreciate is The Chainsmoker's response to the insulting comparison on Twitter.

The boys dedicated this new, heartfelt piano rendition of their new single "Paris":

What do you think? Are The Chainsmokers the next Nickleback? Or do haters just have a stick up you-know-where?

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Cover photo courtesy of Esquire