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Top Wellness Tips For DJs, From 8 Experienced DJs


When you're the life of the party, it can be tough to focus on your personal health. DJ Tech Tools' Tom Hricik shares tips from real DJs about how to take care of yourself when you spend every night in the DJ booth.

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For many DJs, the rigors of club life can often create more problems than we’re prepared to handle. In the most extreme of circumstances, nonstop gigs can reap havoc on one’s career, health, and personal life. In today’s feature, DJTT contributing writer Tom Hricik has compiled wellness tips from eight professional DJs – from Santero to Laidback Luke – to find out how they manage to stay healthy.

Wellness Tips For DJs – From DJs Who Are Always Playing Gigs

Not every DJ has to face the grueling schedule of a touring DJ who plays hundreds of shows a year around the world. But almost every DJ who plays regularly faces similar challenges surrounding wellness, health, exercise, diet, and lifestyle. Today, we’re sharing a lot of advice from professional DJs who have reflected on their own health decisions. Keep reading for the wellness tips!

Editor’s Note: We’ve trimmed some of these responses down for clarity, brevity, and additional editorial reasons.

Made Monster

  • Years Active As DJs: 19 years
  • Style: Bass Music
  • Biggest Wellness Tip: Yoga + supplementation
  • Listen to their work: Soundcloud

“The key we find to the rigors of the road and in the studio is balance. The road is always hard and crazy. We end up eating way more junk food, bad airport meals, and of course the partying that can happen at our shows. So we make sure that when we aren’t on the road its the opposite.

I’m personally big on yoga to help ring my body out of all the crap I just put in it. I’m also a fan of taking daily vitamins when we aren’t on the road, especially NAC (it help protects the liver). I eat way healthier when I’m home as well. Lots of spinach is the way to go!”


  • Years Active As A DJ: 20 years
  • Style: Mixed format
  • Biggest Wellness Tip: Balance with exercise
  • Listen to his work: Soundcloud

“One of the most crucial aspects of how I manage to maintain some semblance of a healthy lifestyle as a DJ is through regular exercise. I run, a lot, and also swim and visit the gym a few times a week. Everyone will have different exercise that they get along with, for me it’s running, with an audiobook or interesting podcast to exercise my mind a little at the same time. I find it meditative, and a great way to signpost the start of the day.

It’s not always been this way. I barely exercised at all through my 20s. And it’s been inconsistent in my 30s until the past few years. But it’s really transformed me. I’ve learned not to rely on motivation, which comes and goes; discipline is the key. And when I exercise, I’m more mindful of what I eat, my mood is infinitely better, I sleep more soundly, and feel more energised through the day. If I skip 4-5 days, I can feel depression and lethargy creep into my life, and I have to get myself out and work up a sweat.

Many claim that they are too busy to exercise – well Arnie pointed out that he managed to find time to work out when Governor of California, so anyone should be able to find a little bit of time!”


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