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Want to Win a Grammy One Day? These Apartments Come with Music Studios


These epic apartments will make you turn green with envy. Whereas most apartments offer scarce amenities like a fitness center and a cool, these to-die-for pads come fully equipped with a full-range music studio. Now we've got goals.

This article originally appeared on Mansion Global

It took Grammy-nominated band The Chainsmokers 30 minutes in a recording session to come up with the beat to double-platinum hit “Closer.”

An expert jury will decide just how brilliant the electronic-dance music duo’s quick work is on Sunday night at the 59th Annual Grammy Awards, where The Chainsmokers are up for their first Grammy, for best new artist. Another upstart vying for the new artist title, Kanye-christened Chance the Rapper, completed most of his 14-track release “Coloring Book” in two months.

If these guys can strike pop-music gold in less time than it takes most people to do their taxes, then imagine the benefit, if you’re so inclined, of having a recording studio at your disposal 24 hours a day.

Luxury building developers, in the race to stand out from competitors, are hoping to capture a musical market by providing in-house music rooms and recording studios to accommodate artists hit by a spontaneous muse.

In honor of the Grammy Awards, being held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, here are a handful of residential developments equipped with musical amenities just one elevator trip away, and accessible day and night.


A rendering of the recording studio at Panorama Tower Miami.

Panorama Tower Florida East Coast Realty

NUMBER OF UNITS: 821 luxury rental units

DEVELOPER: Florida East Coast Realty

BUILDING TYPE: Mixed-use rental, hotel and office


When completed, this luxury mixed-use development on Brickell Avenue will be the tallest building in Miami, standing at 85 floors and 868 feet. The luxury rental portion is packed with five-star amenities, including what developers have dubbed the “Muse Room,” a space free to renters equipped for recording or simply jamming out at full blast. “The sound proof room is for live music sessions and recordings, writing your own music, collaborating with other musicians, creating your own music, etc.,” said a spokeswoman for the project. The building also boasts a lap pool plus a recreational pool with a restaurant, steam room and a cardio workout room with more than 100 exercise machines, so you can look just right when it’s time to accept your own Grammy.



The recording studio at One Arlington
One Arlington, Stoneleigh Companies

NUMBER OF UNITS: 214 upscale rentals

DEVELOPER: Stoneleigh Companies



As a rental development in Chicago’s northwest, these units are probably the most affordable on this list, running $4,000 per month for a two bedroom. The 13-story development is part of a larger Arlington Downs Development, slated to finish this year, which will include restaurants, retail and co-working spaces. The former Sheraton and Hilton hotels site still hosts five-star services, including a modest in-house recording studio. The music room is part of what developer Rick Cavanaugh referred to as the basement “man cave,” which also includes a poker table, billiards, a shuffleboard and golf simulator.


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