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EDM.com Spotlight

Galactic Marvl is Bringing Sounds From Outer Space With New Single "Down Low" [PREMIERE]

Extraterrestrial producer Galactic Marvl has returned to share new music with us insignificant earthlings.

The mysterious entity whose background is as unknown as his identity, has just come from outer space to deliver a brand new single titled "Down Low". Featuring soft, ethereal vocals from Alex Winston, "Down Low" is truly from the future in both sound and genre with melodic and uplifting symphonies that harness that otherworldly power of subtle synth lines for a truly out-of-this world song.

Galactic Marvl's video for his third single puts dreamy soundscapes to animated storytelling. "Down Low" details Galactic Marvl's discovery and capture on Earth 'which causes quite a stir with the fearful public and thuggish government. With the help of a couple gun-toting special agents that break Galactic Marvl free from imprisonment, the extraterrestrial producer is able to use his unhuman abilities to repair his space ship and flee his pursuers...for now.

Last summer, Galactic Marvl made his debut with his first narrative music video "Save Me" which shows the alien producer's arrival to our planet and his initial experience of Earthly delights. Since that time, the Galactic Marvl has continued to make unearthly remixes for both Kaskade and The Chainsmokers.

With more big releases on the way, we expect this benevolent blue visitor to continue to deliver airy and otherworldly sounds to lift our spirits and soothe our souls.

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