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Iconic ‘90s DJ Speaks Out On Arrest After Man OD's In His Apartment


DJ Keoki, iconic 90's club kid and friend of Party Monster Michael Alig has recently spoken out about the man that OD'ed in his apartment

This article originally appeared on The Music

According to LA Weekly, Lopez was arrested in a New York apartment allegedly filled with drugs where NBC TV producer Thomas Felty was found dead.

Taking to Facebook last week, the dance music legend confirmed he will be entering a rehab centre and will be not be performing any future shows "indefinitely".

"The thing with meth my drug of choice is it's like a bag of potato chips," Lopez wrote.

"…You have one Potato chip and you like it so you go for more and more and before you know it you care only about more. You eat the whole bag and you need more. If you've never ever done it please for the life of any God do not do it. I don't regret anything in my life but I do wish I would've made different choices on somethings like drugs."

The post continues, "My family has offered me an opportunity to go to a rehab center that's good I'm going to go and I'm gonna come back a different person. I'm going to morph finally from the caterpillar to a butterfly please continue to pray for me and my family thank you…"


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