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EDM.com Spotlight

In the Wake of Tragedy, The BPM Festival Cancels Inaugural Brazil Edition

One month following the tragedy that occurred at Blue Parrot on the final night of The BPM Festival, organizers have made a public announcement regarding the future of the BPM Festival brand.

The deadly shooting that occurred during an elrow party at Blue Parrot resulted in the loss of life of 5 individuals, including two security personnel. Although the incident has been under investigation by Mexican authorities, local cartels have claimed the incident after several narcos blankets belonging to local cartel, Los Zetas, indicated a declaration of war with three other cartels fighting for drug territory on Mexico's Caribbean coast.

This year marked The BPM Festival's 10th anniversary in the beach town of Playa del Carmen as a destination for international techno aficionados. Prior to the violent incident at Blue Parrot, The BPM Festival had announced the brands first attempt to branch out into new markets, with the announcement of The BPM Festival: Brazil in April as well as The BPM Festival: Portugal in September.

Many suspected that The BPM Festival brand would not recover after a black mark had been placed on the otherwise highly respected organization. In an announcement yesterday, The BPM Festival did share that The BPM Festival: Brazil will not occur in 2017. There was a silver lining, however, that The BPM Festival will continue with its plans to expand into Portugal this fall.

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