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Z-JAY, Dedicated 3 Screen Tablet DJ Setup, Heading To Crowdfunding


Will this 3 screen tablet DJ setup be the next must-have device for up and coming DJs?

This article originally appeared on DJ Tech Tools

For a while, there were a flurry of major DJ manufacturers who seemed certain that mobile DJ solutions would be focused around tablets. But we never saw anyone design a tablet explicitly for DJing – until now. Keep reading to learn how Z-JAY hopes to bring a bespoke solution to highly portable tablet DJ setups.

  • Product: Z-JAY Tablet
  • Designer: Luidpro / Luis David Palacio
  • Expected Retail Price: $700
  • Availability: Crowdfunding launching in Q2 2017

The conceptual design for the Z-JAY has actually been around for a few years – having won a Red Dot design for the original concept back in 2015. Fast forward two years and there’s a working prototype and a plan for getting the unit into production.

Set to go into a crowdfunding campaign in just a few months, the Z-JAY is a folding DJ rig. When closed, it’s about 7.5″ tall, 10.6″ wide, and 1.5″ tall – and then thins out to .45″ tall when unfolded.

The designers are making a big play for portability- there’s a built in battery, built in soundcard, Bluetooth connectivity for headphones and speakers (although many DJs will prefer stick to normal zero-latency audio cables via the two AUX outputs). It also has built in stereo speakers, so just a pair of headphones will make the unit usable.


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