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MK Remixes Rihanna's 'Sex With Me' into a Dance Floor Anthem [LISTEN]

Roc Nation recently released a package of dance remixes for Rihanna's sexy slow jam "Sex With Me".

MK, real name Marc Kinchen, delivers a house rework of the pop-star's global hit that is the stand alone favorite of the 5 track remix package, turning Rihanna's slow-tempo hip-hop beats into a dance floor burner. With a clever cut and chop of Rihanna's sultry bedroom talk, MK speeds up the beat and adds his own signature melody for a remix that is as memorable as the original.

MK has long used big female vocals as his muse throughout his career, from his early popular hits like "Always" ft. Alana to his most recent single "My Love for You" ft. A*M*E. MK is in familiar territory with "Sex With Me" and the remix demonstrates the producer-turned-DJ when he's in his element.

If you haven't heard Rihanna's original below, give it a spin!

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