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EDM.com Spotlight

Talented New Artist Mokita Releases Single 'Heaven' on Armada [LISTEN]

Mokita is a very new name in the EDM industry, but is definitely a name you should get to know soon.

This handsome and talented producer caught the attention of millions with the release of his last track titled “Monopoly”. This song became an instant hit on Spotify, receiving over 8 million streams. Now, he’s back at it again with his newest track, out today titled “Heaven”. This brand new jam is the definition of a feel-good song. “Heaven” is guaranteed to make your good days even greater with it’s mix of happy synths, pads, and plucks. Mokita truly showcases his musical talent and love for a fun time through the vibes of this new track.

John-Luke Carter, the man behind Mokita, started his journey into music as a classically trained pianist playing in church. After experimenting with guitar and piano, he decided that music production was where all of his creation could expand and flourish into what it is now. In 2015, in his hometown of Nashville, Tennessee the “Mokita Project” was born. Since then, he has tackled all of the challenges and made a name for himself in Music City. He is mostly known by fans for mixing bold drums with a future-pop beat and adding catchy and light vocal samples on top. Mokita is still a very fresh, up-and-coming artist, but with the success of “Monopoly” and the talent in his newest release “Heaven” we expect big things from this hot new producer.

See for yourself and stream “Heaven”, released today via Armada Music .