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Electronic music festivals return to Buenos Aires, after ban lifted


Following several deaths at Time Warp Buenos Aires, the city had placed a blanket ban on electronic events to curb risks to public health. Now that ban has been overturned.

This article originally appeared on Complete Music Update

The first electronic music festival for almost a year took place in Buenos Aires over the weekend. Such events were banned last year following five drug-related deaths at the city’s Time Warp festival in April. The ban almost put a stop to a standalone Kraftwerk concert in November, so strictly was it enforced.

According to Infobae, Israeli DJ Guy J headlined an 8000 capacity show in the city’s Mandarin Park on Saturday, the first such event since the ban was lifted late last month.

Finally agreeing to permit dance music shows again, the City Of Buenos Aires legislature did so by passing new legislation to regulate them. Although the deaths at Time Warp were largely attributed to drugs, overcrowding, plus a lack of water and medical assistance were also blamed.

New rules include regulation on the number of people allowed to attend per square metre, provision of free water, provision and signposting of medical services, and more.

There are also provisions for stronger security and police presences on site, with around 40 plain clothes officers in attendance at the weekend, according to Infobae, all aiming to prevent drug use. Although with one estimate claiming that around 80% of adults at the event had taken some form of illegal drug, it’s not really clear what effect that had.


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