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Who Could Possibly Replace Beyoncé at Coachella?


Spin writer Jeremy Gordon shares his picks on the possible replacements for Beyoncé's recently cancelled performance at Coachella.

This article originally appeared on Spin

[Earlier this week], the news broke that Beyoncé will not perform at this year’s Coachella, due to her recently revealed pregnancy, as doctors have recommended she stay at home. (She will perform in 2018, however.)

The announcement must’ve thrown some ticketholders a loop, as Beyoncé is exactly the type of artist who prompts people to go all-in on Coachella. Assuming most fans won’t be angry at Beyoncé for wanting to ensure the health of her babies, it’s still a hair-pulling situation for the festival organizers: How exactly do you replace the most beloved musician in the world?

You don’t really. But there are some options that might not cause fans to riot, as opposed to if they booked, like, Halsey.

Jay Z

The easiest transfer of power, as Beyoncé would just have to hand off the phone to her husband while Coachella’s people are on the line. (This is not how concert bookings are negotiated, I know, but savor the image.) Jay Z is a little past his prime as a recording artist, but he still has an entire greatest hits collection to make for a festival set. Plus, maybe Beyoncé could make a cameo for a single song. A strenuous, hour-plus festival set wouldn’t be good for her health, but what about “Drunk in Love”?

Lady Gaga

Probably the only pop star alive with the conceptual ambition to match Beyoncé’s live performances. She’d perform in a Green Man costume; she’d spackle silver paint over her face and run around stage, dripping glitter with each step; she’d zipline from parts unknown onto the stage, and fly around like it was a production of Peter Pan. Coachella seems like a breeding ground for a pansexual makeout party, and Gaga is the spark to light that fire.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers

More than just music, Coachella signifies “California,” that land of perfect temperatures, convertibles, sun-kissed beautiful people, and healing crystals. No artist captures that vibe more than the Chi Peps, who parlayed Californication into an automatic association with the Golden State. They could play an entire set solely composed of songs that mention California in the lyrics, and the antic energy of Messrs. Kiedis, Flea, and company needs no introduction.


Daft Punk

Of course, they could just try to get Daft Punk for a reprisal of their legacy-making Coachella set. A story places them as leading favorites to replace Beyoncé, and we still never got an answer as to what that mysterious “Alive 2017″ video was all about. As one of the forefathers of the modern EDM scene, they’d certainly be treated as royalty by the teens. That said, Daft Punk haven’t toured since 2007, and it seems unlikely they’d make their live return as pinch hitters for a bigger star.


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