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EDM.com Spotlight

Incubus Gets in the Studio with Skrillex and Deftones Chino Moreno for Upcoming Collab

On February 21st, Incubus’ guitarist, Micheal Einzinger took to Twitter to post a picture of the band and EDM’s well known and beloved Skrillex working together in the studio on a new collaboration.

Although Skrillex is well known for his insane synths and bass, he first gained fame at 16 years old as the lead vocalist for his former band, From First To Last. Going back to his rock roots, Skrillex is teaming up with Incubus for the track ‘Frickin’ Fantastic’. The track will be featured on the bands upcoming album, which is set to release April 21st. Both Incubus and Skrillex fans are going crazy waiting for the drop of the album, and we can also say, we can't frickin’ wait either! But we're even more excited now that we know Deftones vocalist Chino Moreno is involved.

Check out the teaser picture of Skrillex, Brandon Boyd, and Chino Moreno below:

Even though the album releases on April 21st, Skrillex and Incubus will be performing at Zedd’s ACLU benefit concert “Welcome” on April 3rd. So who knows, fans might get lucky to hear the live collaboration before the album drops.

Check out Zedds ACLU concert line up below: