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EDM.com Spotlight

Watch How Kraftwerk Transformed a Nintendo Power Glove into a MIDI Controller

The Nintendo Power Glove is a rare piece of gaming memorabilia which debuted in 1989 with only about 350 manufactured. So if you can get your hands on this unique piece of gear, you can count yourself among one of the lucky few that holds an exceptionally niche piece of music history.

A video recently surfaced explaining how German audio equipment manufacturer Doepfer was able to turn the Nintendo Power Glove into a MIDI controller used by legendary electronic act Kraftwerk. 

Coined MOGLI, YouTube user studentsmusic gives a quick demo of the vintage equipment with a design that was incredibly innovative at the time. 

Although these days turning anything into a MIDI controller is par for the course, Kraftwerk's ingenuity and innovation helped to pave the road for future greats like Daft Punk to make electronic music "live".

H/T: Synthopia