EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

The World's Most Extreme Hedonist Celebration Returns in 2017

Some head to Coachella to get their fill of music liberation, while others head to the egalitarian community of Burning Man. But only the most extreme and determined party animals dare to conquer the mighty force that is kaZantip.

Since 1992, kaZantip Republic has acted as a hedonist utopia for fans of extreme water sports, techno, trance, and of course, physical pleasure. Taking place across several weeks each summer, kaZantip has successfully attracted 100,000 visitors to its paradise on the Black Sea, and 2017 sees its long awaited return.

After many incarnations in the disputed territory of Crimea, Ukraine, kaZantip has been looking for a new home since the Russian military invasion of the region in 2014. Despite attempts to find location, including rumors of 2015 edition in Cambodia, kaZantip's "paradiZers" have been left without their yearly retreat from reality.

Today, kaZantip's Facebook page finally became active after a long period of radio silence. This year, kaZantip will find a new month-long home in Anaklia, Georgia inviting 'members' from all over the world to take part in a celebration of music, partying, and extreme sports to the Black Sea this July 14th - August 14th.

With an air of exclusivity, only 'members' of the kaZantip Republic will have access to pre-sale tickets, while other daring dance music fans will have to travel to the country of Georgia to pick up their passes on site.

Think you have what it takes to embark on what may be the final frontier of immersive dance music events? Check out the trailer below and sign up at kazantip.com to start planning the experience of a lifetime!

kaZantip Festival 2016 Trailer from kaZantip Festival on Vimeo.