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Sasha: 'Sydney Opera House would be a dream gig'


In a chat with Redbull, dance music's first superstar Sasha shares details on his dream gig and his debut live show.

This article originally appeared on Redbull

It’s 4:55pm and fucking hot.

The Sydney leg of Electric Gardens festival is well underway and at the Balance Stage, Guy Mantzur is wrapping up his set, having just pummelled the crowd with 90 minutes of thumping tech-house. A palpable energy is beginning to swell, the steamy tent overflowing beyond capacity as eager punters jostle for a spot on the dance floor. Then, a roar erupts. Sasha appears on stage, takes to the decks and expertly mixes the Deetron dub of Alex Niggemann’s ‘The Hurricane’ out of Mantzur’s final track, astutely bringing down the energy to reset the vibe. Beaming smiles begin to appear – these punters know what they’re in for.

Over the next two hours the crowd is treated to a blistering set from the dance music veteran; full of rolling grooves and massive, hands-in-the-air build-ups followed by devastating drops. The Welshman is in top form today, completely in his element. As well he should be. For almost 30 years the man once coined as ‘The Son of God’ has been moving dance floors across the globe with his own distinct brand of emotive, futuristic house music. Sasha’s footprint in Australia, for example, stretches back to 1993, when he amazed bug-eyed Sydney ravers by mixing records in key – a technique mostly unheard of back then. In short, the guy is no stranger to festival stages, club booths, or even studios for that matter (see tracks ‘ Xpander,’ ‘ Mongoose,’ or albums like Airdrawndagger and Involver for a snapshot of his production abilities).

Yet in just a few short months, all that comfortable familiarity is set to dissipate as he embarks on the next stage of his ever-evolving career: Performing live for the very first time across two sold-out shows at London’s esteemed Barbican Hall.

“I kind of got talked into the whole thing,” Sasha confesses backstage before his set. “Everyone said it was going to be easy. My production guy, Tommy D, he was all, ‘It’s going to be a piece of piss mate - it’s going to be fine.’ Everyone around me was so positive. So I was like, OK, let’s do it.”


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