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Brownies and Lemonade Books Unknown DJs and Still Packs in the Party Kids


Party series Brownies and Lemonade is taking the LA electronic scene by storm. Find out why this burgeoning brand is blowing up the way it is.

This article originally appeared on LA Weekly

To Kush Fernando and Jose Guzman, co-founders of L.A. events group Brownies and Lemonade, the goal has always been the same: to throw a kick-ass party. That was the goal when they lived in Westwood and wanted an alternative to UCLA frat parties and the college neighborhood's lame bars, and it hasn’t changed much, though the setting sure has. Back then, the party was as big as the number of people they could fit into their Strathmore Avenue apartment. For their first Brownies and Lemonade–branded show of 2017, Fernando and Guzman filled Union Nightclub’s main room with more than 1,200 people.

That night, they hosted DJ/producers Minnesota, Luca Lush, Vanic, Joe Mason, Synchronice and Padillion. As usual, the majority of the names on the lineup weren’t well-known. Two of the acts, brother duo Synchronice and solo artist Padillion, played their L.A. debuts. And Joe Mason, an 18-year-old future house producer from Australia, played his first show in the States. B&L is best-known for booking electronic dance music producers and DJs but has also hosted artists in a variety of genres, from hip-hop legend DJ Quik to singer-songwriter Mark Johns.

This is also not unusual. Brownies and Lemonade can claim a laundry list of L.A. and U.S. debuts that includes Jai Wolf, Louis the Child, Manila Killa, Ekali and Medasin. Fernando and Guzman decided early on that they would focus their attention on glorifying SoundCloud artists with small followings but huge talent...

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