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The Night I Fell in Love With Dance Music: Alison Wonderland

No one enjoys an Alison Wonderland set more than Alison Wonderland. Born Alex Scholler, the Australian producer is a vortex of onstage energy—headbanging, dancing, singing with her eyes closed, getting on her knees to hit the floor of the stage with her hands, and altogether demonstrating that she’s feeling the music as much as anyone she is playing for.

These audiences have grown dramatically since Scholler’s rise through Sydney’s electronic scene. Although she didn’t realize it at the time, the career path that delivered her to festival mainstages was sparked on a fateful night at an underground club in Sydney. There, a single song aroused in Scholler the depth of emotion that has become the guiding principle of her career. She has returned to that same club many times as the person behind the decks.

Here, in her own words, Scholler tells the story of the night she fell in love with dance music:

The night that made me fall in love with electronic music—made me really fall in love with electronic music—was a night I went out to a club called Candy’s Apartment, an underground club in Sydney. Someone played “Silent Shout” by the Knife. Before that, I was playing in bands around Sydney, and I was writing music but not really producing electronic music. I remember just completely zoning out from everything that was going on around me at the club and going, “Hold up,” and walking over to the DJ and asking, “What is this track?! Please tell someone what this track is, because this is amazing.”

I went home and got the album and listened to it on repeat, and it was the first time I ever felt an emotional connection to electronic music. I had always listened to electronic music, but it was the first time that I heard dance music and thought, “Wow, this really makes me feel emotions.” I felt super connected to it. The week after, I decided to save up for a laptop. I bought a laptop and a cracked version of Ableton and started making electronic music. All I wanted to do after I heard that song was to create something that kind of sounded like that, you know? It blew my mind. I hadn’t heard anything like that before. I still go back to that album. That was the night I decided to start producing. It changed my life.


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