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Wander Through 30 Rainbows of Light at This Festival


London's Winter Lights festival pushed the boundaries of visual art this January with bright visions to light up the dark winter nights.

This article originally appeared on The Creators Project

London's Canary Wharf is dystopian in the nicest possible sense of the term. The sprawling dockland and financial hub is a sea of glass and steel, all reflected against the waters of the surrounding River Thames and marinas.

he architectural uniformity of the European headquarters of global money titans like Credit Suisse and Barclays is both impressive and oppressive, while the sartorial uniformity of Canary Wharf’s denizens—suits, suits, and more suits—is the latter. It’s the ultimate monument to pre-BrexitBritain, one that finds London firmly the capital of European wealth and power. Canary Wharf glitters at night, with white lights shining from windows and moonlight bouncing off the water, but even these bright glints don’t truly disrupt the area’s silver and white duochrome. Thankfully, each January the Winter Lights festival arrives to inject vibrancy and color to the area.

This year's light art festival features 30 works scattered around Canary Wharf. Though most works aren’t site-specific, each is integrated into its environment. One of the largest scale works is a massive interactive sculpture by Belgium’s Ovo Collective. Upon entering the woven egg of color, visitors are enveloped in a hug of lights and immersive soundscapes.


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