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GTA on finding their sound and producing their debut album


In a new interview with Music Radar, the duo known as GTA shares their story from the first memories of hearing dance music at warehouse raves to their debut album. The two producers get candid about the challenges of making their first full-length album and even share some of their techniques.

This article originally appeared on Music Radar

GTA: Julio Mejia (left) and Matt Van Toth

The genre-flippin' Miami duo reckon that their success is down to trial and error... and free synths from Computer Music magazine!

Miami's connection with dance music goes back a long way. For over 30 years, the gaudily glamorous city has been welcoming DJs, producers, promoters and labels to the annual Winter Music Conference, spawning equally important industry get-togethers like The Producer's Forum and the Ultra Music Festival.

Many would argue, though, that Miami's geographical and cultural association with Cuba injected rhythm into the city's bloodstream way before the WMC - two or three hundred years ago! Take an evening stroll downtown and you'll hear it: the patter of rhythm and sultry melodies that provides Miami's constant soundtrack.

It's no surprise, then, that Miami-born-and-raised Matt Van Toth and Julio Mejia - aka GTA, which stands for Good Times Ahead, just in case you're reading this while sat at your Xbox - ended up making music.

"I grew up with dance music," remembers Van Toth. "It was everywhere. But I was under 21, so I didn't have access to anything like the Ultra Music Festival, because they wouldn't let me in the clubs. My first real experience was warehouse raves… hearing this music and wondering, 'How the hell did they make that?'...

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