EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

Get Lost in the Feels of Slushii's New Original Single "Dear Me"

Slushii changes things up from his normal bouncy electronic style with the release of his new track titled "Dear Me."

Full of cathartic vibes, the song starts off with calm male vocals singing "it’s okay to shed a tear once in awhile" before taking listeners deeper with the first drop. Next comes a wild Slushii-style dubstep drop, perfectly contrasting the light lyrics throughout the remainder of the song.

Released only a couple of days ago, the tune is already approaching 200K plays on SoundCloud. Fans are loving not only the sound of this song, but the overall heartfelt message.

"Dear Me" is a song that millions of listeners will be able to relate to, no matter what hardships they may be facing. Slushii took this new production as an opportunity to send a message of hope, encouraging listeners to keep their heads up when the times get tough. Because let’s face it, even Slushii feels down sometimes. So grab some tissues and stream "Dear Me" below.

Cover photo via facebook.com/SlushiiMusic