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'Party's over!' Diplo's Super Bowl bash shut down by police after it runs over time at Houston museum


Diplo had some good fun this weekend playing the Rolling Stone Super Bowl pre-party...or at least before it got busted by the cops.

This article originally appeared on Daily Mail

Police shut down Diplo as he played the Rolling Stone Super Bowl party in Houston, Texas, on Saturday night.

The DJ-rapper-singer, who didn't hit the stage at the Museum of Fine Arts until 1am, evidently played past the event's official wrap time.

And the police moved in to shut it down in the early hours of Sunday morning, according to TMZ.

A video clip shows an officer on stage, taking the mic out of the artist's hand and telling the crowd to 'start moving out' as the lights come on, while a line of his colleagues stood in front of the stage.

When Diplo, aka Thomas Wesley Pentz, came to the edge of the stage to say goodbye to fans, one asked: 'How does it feel, you just shut down the Super Bowl party?'


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Cover photo courtesy of Getty Images for Rolling Stone

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