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Top Ranked DJ Takes to Twitter to Condemn Misogyny in the Music Industry

Can we really say that we're "past" misogyny in the dance music industry?

Scottish DJ Jackmaster doesn't think so.

Jackmaster, real name Jack Revill, has been a powerful force in Europe's house and techno scene, having gained major public support after being voted #2 (only behind deep house behemoth Dixon) in Resident Advisor's 2016 Top 100 poll. Recently, the popular DJ witnessed an incident which has opened his eyes to the situation of women's social and professional standing in the dance music industry. .

The 31-year-old veteran of the scene took to Twitter to share his recent insight on the gender biases surrounding women in the dance music industry.

Often times, we're led into a false sense of security about the level of equality in the electronic music industry. There are many badass women working behind the scenes that play a pivotal role in the development of artists and events which we so deeply love. However, the experience of professional women working in dance music can be much different to the experience of men.

Although nightclubs are often the scene for an evening of disposable romance, female professionals frequently find themselves on the receiving end of overt sexualization and objectification. This is a phenomenon that is rarely experienced by male professionals in the music industry, and illustrates the sad reality that women often find themselves subjected to when pursuing a career in a male-dominated field.

Jackmaster didn't go into details about the specific circumstances that led to his new found opinion, but his confirmation of its existence will perhaps invite others to reflect on the ways that women are viewed and portrayed in dance music.

H/T: Resident Advisor

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