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We Interviewed Bubbles from The Trailer Park Boys & DJ Marc Mysterio on their new EDM track "Liquor & Whores" [EXCLUSIVE]

Bubbles from the Trailer Park Boys is the latest to dive into the world of electronic dance music thanks to DJ Marc Mysterio.

Marc Mysterio has spent the last 10 years in the dance music scene as a successful DJ, producer and writer. Marc has worked with Karl Wolf, Flo Rida and has been supported by many of today’s biggest dance acts. Bubbles lives in a shed with many cats and drives a go kart.

You may know Bubbles from his misadventures on the documentary style show called Trailer Park Boys filmed in Nova Scotia, Canada. We sat down and talked to this unlikely duo about how they came together to recently release their new EDM track “Liquor and Whores”. Take a listen to the surprisingly catchy track below which has conquered the Spotify Viral Top 50 with #1 hits in Canada, Finland, and Norway as well as #18 in Sweden.

Read on for a hilarious dialogue we had with Bubbles and Marc Mysterio about this pioneering new collaboration.

Bubbles, can you tell me the story of how you first met Marc? How did you guys bond that night at Julian's (illegal) strip bar in Sunnyvale Trailer Park?

Bubbles: Julian's bar was called The Dirty Dancer and business wasn't going so well, there were mostly just guys hanging out there talking about lifting weights and drinking muscle milk. Julian decided to try to get more ladies in there which always gets fellas spending more money, so he brought in Marc Mysterio to DJ at the bar after he met him pissing out behind the local stripclub in town. We got on the liquor pretty hard that night and we hit it off pretty good.

Marc: Bubbles was a cool cat! I was drifting through town when Julian brought me over. First time in a trailer park for me, but what an experience! Was kinda awkward that the camera dicks that follow the boys around had to record us pissing so hopefully fuckin' TMZ didn't score any pics of that - trying to stay off TMZ these days!

Marc, why did you approach Bubbles to create an edm version of “Liquor & Whores”?

Marc: Basically, I was drunk as fuck having vodka for breakfast and thought it was a good idea. I didn't really think about the ramifications of it all beforehand... I already had my next track lines up featuring Flo Rida called "The Dancefloor" but put it on hold for 'Liquor & Whores'... I also like to work with people from all walks of life, be it already successful musicians or folks like Bubbles that use music as an escape, if you will... If the vocal and melody is there, I'm game! Plus, Ricky has amazing hash so if we get to tour, hopefully we can get the label dicks at Sony Music really stoned and get some favors back!

We hear the track was recorded over the holidays in Bubbles Shed in Sunnyvale Trailer Park, can you describe to us the creative process?

Bubbles: Well basically we downed a couple pints of liquor, I just sang the words while playing the guitar and then Marc Mysterio recorded the vocal track and loaded it into one of his big fancy recording machines, twiddled a few knobs and whammo, She was done.

Marc: Bubbles buddy Ricky has these two slave bastards that do his bidding. So, it was great to have them go in to town to fetch us more alcohol during the session. They even gave me back exact change!

Were there any interruptions from either Ricky, Julien or Officer Leahey over the holidays as you were finishing up the track?

Bubbles: Nothing major really. Lahey was down shooting off about the noise but that's just to get a bit of free liquor to shut him the fuck up. Oh and Ricky needed to borrow some toilet paper.

Marc: Yea, so this dick rent-a-cop shows up in his tighty whities and was drunk as fuck! He tried to pat Julian on the shoulder and ended up grabbing his ass and called him Blue-ian, whatever the fuck that's about! I was gonna whack him with my pool stick but the boys gave Lahey a bottle of half gin and half Reindeer Piss to take home.

Marc, you’re a very well established producer in electronic music. You’ve done remixes for David Guetta, worked with Flo Rida, etc. What makes Bubbles different if not better than the regular artists you’ve worked with?

Marc: Like I said before, its no different to me. I'm a multi-platinum songwriter in addition to being a producer and DJ. The only difference is that what really touched me was when Bubbles and I were pissing in the snow out back from the Dirty Dancer, he told me about his dream to sing at an EDM Festival with loads of folks swinging glow sticks around! That stuck with me to this day and this song's success is as much about fulfilling that dream for him as anything else for me... I like the challenge... Music has gone paths that we as House Music Producers can not and should not follow - dance tracks are being released at 114BPM, the same BPM as Timbaland ft One Republic 'Apologize'...The best way to do that is to shake shit up a bit, and I think we are seeing a bit of that right now! The song has merit though as a house track beyond the fancy lyrics! Is the song a giant FUCK YOU to the status quo? Only if it succeeds...

Bubbles, how does it feel knowing that Marc put a track with someone as big as Flo Rida on hold, just so he could focus on the track with you?

Bubbles: Jesus Murphy I didn't even know that. I hope Flo Rida isn't pissed off at me!

Marc: He already got paid but I will add this: Flo Rida and his posse are pretty gangsta!

Would you guys agree the world has become too politically correct? The title of your track is “Liquor & Whores”, do you think this is something people should make a big deal about?

Bubbles: I don't think there's anything wrong with the title, it's not being mean or anything, it was just easier to sing that than to try to fit in "Liquor and Ladies Of The Evening"

Marc: yea it politically incorrect -sure - but, I mean... America just elected a Twitter Troll as their president! The tune is in good fun. He's not singing that he wants to bang some whores. Rather, just speaking out on what he likes!

Bubbles, how do you like the new EDM version of Liqour and Whores? Is this a venture into music you will be pursuing more often? If not, what do you see on your future?

Bubbles: I've never really listened to EDM music before but I like all different kinds of music from truckin' music to gangsta rap. I'd like to have a song in all the different genres someday. Me and Ricky and Julian even have a song coming out with Snoop Dogg this year. But for now I'm gonna try out this EDM stuff and see what happens!

Marc: We've got some other music yet to record that will be debuted at festivals this summer if we're lucky enough to get booked! Sony Music is talking about an album IF the song becomes a huge hit. I say bring it and we'll sing it!

Bubbles, So we understand that you told Marc your dream, back that night at The Dirty Dancer, was to perform live at an outdoors EDM Festival with people waving glow sticks around! Can you tell us if you think you're any closer to realizing that goal?

Bubbles: I'd absolutely love to play one of those big festivals where everyone is cranked up on pills dancing around! I think I'm getting closer to making that happen, I gotta just keep crankin' away!

I'll need to locate my sign from Woodstock 99: 'Will play for Beer'!!!

Marc, did you find it difficult with all the kitties around or are you a cat person? How many cats did Bubbles have?

Marc: Nah, I brought a shitload of Benedryl with me to survive as I'm allergic and Bubbs has at least 75 freerange kitties surronding us at all times!!! The kitties were the least of our worries. It was more if that cocksucker Lahey showed up.

Any idea how many streams and shazam’s it will it take to be able to feed all of your kitties?

Marc: Its more about, will the song make a crowd move and just doing your job and your part. The money and, of course, liquor & whores, takes care of itself.

Personally, Just sharing the stage with Bubbs to see him live out his dream of performing for 100,000+ with glow sticks waving around is enough for me. Sony Finland and Sony Sweden mentioned that they're trying to book us for The Weekend Festival in August so we will see if that comes to pass! Would be great if it does! Then Bubbs can bring me a giant can of Tim Hortons from back home!!!


Well there you have it, you heard it hear first, Bubbles and Marc have no plans in slowing down their collaborative efforts. They are currently in talks with Sony Music about an upcoming tour and an album, which I think we can all agree is something the world could use right now. The duo will also be debuting new music together at festivals this summer, so make sure to keep an eye on lineups. Also stay tuned for a hot new collab with Bubbles and his brotha from anotha motha, Snoop Dogg.

Thank you to both Bubbles and Marc for sitting down with us and giving us a glimpse into their creative process. Did you enjoy the TBP references as much as we did? Help support Bubbles and Marc by streaming their track their new single, and don't forget to check out the video below of Bubbles sharing his two cents about "Liquor & Whores"!