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What Do You Get When You Make Tupac and Flume Mash-up Album? B.I.G Flume Part 2pac

It doesn't sound like it should work, but it just does. At least that's what Australian based artist Jaymee Franchina thought when he first created a mash-up compilation album of Notorious B.I.G and Flume tracks with B.I.G. Flume in 2013.

Now Jaymee is back with his second album concept, mashing up Flume's Skin and Skin Companion Pt. 2 with the lyrical talents of Tupac Shakur on B.I.G. Tupac Part 2. Jaymee Franchina reinvents the sounds of these two prolific artists in a fresh new way, layering the socially conscious lyrics of Tupac with the emotional driven sounds of Flume. Featuring the sounds of Flume's Never Be Like You, Tiny Cities, and Smoke & Retribution with Tupac's classic jams Thugs Mansion, Changes, and Holla if You Hear Me, this mash-up brings a new perspective to previously rinsed tunes.

If you need us, we'll be listening to this on repeat.

Snag a free download of Jayme Franchina's B.I.G. Flume Part 2 at Bandcamp!

H/T: YourEDM