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EDM.com Spotlight

Boombox Cartel's Socials Mysteriously Go Dark With Foreboding Caption 'Until Next Time'

Without explanation, Boombox Cartel's socials have all gone dark replacing profiles and banners with black images and the foreboding caption 'until next time'.

The duo who met while they were living in Monterrey, Mexico and have turned heads across the world with their big bass lines and trap-heavy beats. With major collabs with NGTMRE and Jackal, as well as featured mixes for Diplo and Friends and Insomniac.com, Boombox Cartel has solidified a strong following in the festival trap market.

Although there has been no official word on what 'until next time' means, fans speculate that the duo may be taking a break. Boombox Cartel's Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Soundcloud accounts all share the same caption, leaving fans with many questions.

Boombox Cartel just recently released a new remix for Kaaris x Mr Carmack's track "Chargé" without any suggestion that the producers may soon be taking a break.

We hope this signifies only a temporary pause in the DJ duo's career, but hope that they plan to return to the stage soon to continue to pump out uplifting party tunes!

H/T: EDMSauce