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EDM.com Spotlight

Ferry Corsten Announces New Sci-Fi Concept Album 'Blueprint' Coming This Spring

Ferry Corsten has just announced the upcoming release of his 5th studio album titled Blueprint, which is his most ambitious creation to date.

Blueprint is a sci-fi inspired concept album which includes a full-length narrative from none other than acclaimed screenwriter David H Miller from popular TV series House of Cards and Rosewood. Although Corsten has not yet shared the storyline for the highly anticipated new album, it is a nod to sci-fi greats of the past like Jules Verne and H.G. Well as well as more contemporary Sci-Fi series like The OA and Stranger Things. Featuring vocal work from Campbell Scott, most known for his work in The Amazing Spiderman and The Exorcism of Emily Rose, Corsten's new album Blueprint is already promising to be a highly artistic endeavor at a time when few artists bother to release full-length albums.

Ferry Corsten briefly shared with us his sentiments about the upcoming album:

"Seeing this idea transform into this expansive project has been one of the most rewarding challenges I've undertaken as an artist. I've always loved the principles of what concept albums stand for. It was on my bucket list as a producer to create one and do it at this scale. Now, finally presenting this to the fans, feels like the final piece in this incredible journey."

Ferry Corsten will soon be embarking on a 9-date Blueprint Album Tour and has shared the album's lead single and title track available for free download. Check it out below!