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EDM.com Spotlight

With the new Motion Sonic Wristband, You Become the Instrument

The days of slapping your knees and clapping your hands seem to be coming to a close as more and more experimental technology seems to want to manipulate one thing: the human body.

In this particular case, Sony has come out to SXSW with a product so uniquely fascinating that you can’t help but wonder, where is music going from here?

It has been dubbed the Motion Sonic project, and the science behind it is actually quite simplistic. The wristband consists of 3 microphones and 6 sensors. These elements work in unison to capture data from certain movements of your extremities and then translate them into sound. These movements include wrist rotation, limb angles, and even moving arms and legs at certain velocities. After seeing a few demos, you’ll find that the concept is very original but it definitely has its flaws which is expected at this point in development. The wristband doesn’t have a speaker so you’ll have to hook it up to a different audio source and just by looking at it, the design is not very minimalistic. However, I won’t put it past Sony that they’ll have a quality product hit the market.

The idea itself is jarring and may seem foolish to some, put the implications behind this technology is the next step in music creation. From the looks of it, Sony still has a long way to go as the device itself still seems limited to only a certain amount of functions but who knows where Sony may go with this and who knows where someone else may take this technology. Perhaps one day we’ll be making music simply by thinking about it and then those thoughts may translate into sound. The possibilities are endless and our imaginations run wild when we think about it. Sony’s Motion Sonic wristband is the first step to revolutionizing music as we know it and kudos to them. Kudos indeed.

H/T: The Verge

Cover photo courtesy of The Verge