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EDM.com Spotlight

Soundcloud Shares Plan to Expand Revenue Sharing with DJs and Producers

As of March 13th, SoundCloud has announced that it will now be offering a new expansion to their Premiere program. With this expansion, Soundcloud has taken their preexisting Premiere program past the realm of solely compensating artists for their tracks and is now beginning to engrain DJ Sets and Remixes into their service.

In a recent blog post, SoundCloud shared that artists will be paid a percentage from revenue generated through ads from their two subscription services, SoundCloud Go and Go+. The team behind this new Premiere feature has yet to specify how much one will make off of their listening time but this will most likely vary based on their following and number of streams. Soundcloud has not shared which artists will be a part of of this new expansion, and the service is currently only available via invite. However, Soundcloud says that "“The more we grow revenues, the more creators we can invite into the program.”

Soundcloud will be accepting applications for individuals interested in joining this new expansion. Follow the link to apply: https://on.soundcloud.com/premie

Photo courtesy of Soundcloud