EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

Wiz Khalifa Uploads Official Remix of The Chainsmokers' Closer

After world famous rapper Wiz Khalifa performed a remix of The Chainsmoker's hit single "Closer" at Okeechobee Music Festival, the video instantly went viral.

After clocking in over 500,000 views on Facebook alone, Wiz Khalifa has officially uploaded a high quality mp3 to his Soundcloud channel to share with fans of both the dance-pop original as well as the artist's new ode to cannabis.

The rapper has been busy at work legally developing his brand in the California marijuana market with his strain "Khalifa Kush," a indica-dominate strain whose genetics are kept under lock and key, but is rumored to be descended from the classic OG Kush.

So roll one up, spark it, and "Let's get high-igh-igh."