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EDM.com Spotlight

Deorro Has Us “Feeling Pretty Good” With a Totally New Sound

It’s been a little over a year since Errick Orrosquieta, aka Deorro, released his “No Promises” EP; it was hard, bouncy, everything he had come to be known for up until this time.

Since then the 25 year old DJ from Los Angeles has released a couple singles of a similar flavor and while not bad tracks in their own right, they left something to be desired. They just sounded like plain old Deorro at that point, his sound was getting stale.

That is until his release of “Tell Me Lies” in February. Deorro ditched the pounding beats and upbeat party vibe and showed us a softer side of his sound that we’ve never seen before, featuring an emotional female vocal lead and a very mellow overall feel.

He maintains the emotional mellow feel with his latest track, “Feeling Pretty Good,” while at the same time still managing to sound vastly different from not only “Tell Me Lies” but from anything he has ever released up until this point in his career. The track starts out sounding as if it’s on a vinyl record before coming in full force with a short pitched up vocal hook and switch very quickly into deep, low, wobbly bass a la Space Jesus, before repeating that cycle, adding strings and a choir that make you feel more than just “Pretty Good” and fading out much the way it came in.

It’s too early to say if he’s ditching the bounce for good, but in the world of electronic music, you adapt or die, and it seems like Deorro is adapting nicely. His debut album Good Evening is slated to release on March 31st, and if this track is any indication, it has the potential to be a game changer.

Cover photo courtesy of Rukes.com