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Diplo Talks about Jack U and the Problem with Major Labels

Skrillex and Diplo, are a great example that no matter how successful you can be on your own, some of the best singles come from working together. This groundbreaking duo joined forces under the name Jack Ü in 2013 and have worked together to create some of the most memorable, high energy tracks in EDM and festival history.

After their debut performance at Ultra Music Festival 2014, these two traveled the world together sharing their album, Skrillex and Diplo Present Jack Ü. Then, in August of 2015, OWSLA founder Skrillex shared on Twitter that Jack Ü would be done touring “for a long long time”. The tweet was shortly deleted, but read:

Just did out (sic) Last jack Ü festivals of 2016 …and for a long long time. (hand emojis) thank you for all the people who came out to support us.”

Since then, the name Jack Ü has been kept pretty hush for the last year with not much more information regarding this halt in production. But, in a recent interview with Australian-based dance publication, inthemix, Diplo finally started giving us some answers. After discussing his success, marketing, and even getting the “runs” on the job, this mega star finally gave light to a subject that we’ve been waiting to hear for oh so long. He stated:

“Right now I’m just doing a lot of new Major Lazer stuff and Diplo stuff. The thing with Jack Ü is complicated, because of Atlantic. Skrillex is signed to that label and it’s difficult to do anything with that. I hate major labels, so I don’t really want to do anything with major labels. So it’s hard.”

Though this isn’t quite the news we were hoping for, he did mention that he hopes these two could group up again to release new material in the near future, but showed some doubt soon after. But, hey, there is hope right?

Check out more on inthemix, and let us know what your thoughts about the possible rekindling of the legendary duo, Jack Ü.

Photo courtesy of runthetrap.com