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Isaac Vess

Jauz Powers Up with New Single “The Game” [LISTEN]

Jauz’s new single “The Game,” released on March 15th, is a fresh and unique addition to the dance music scene.

From spacey percussive hits to nostalgic 8-bit synths, American producer Sam Vogel takes you on a ride through multiple intensive dance levels. The first of which starts with a dark pluck, bit crushed vocals, and a powerful bass rhythm. Almost immediately the beat leaps into a dark and vicious downbeat. The prominent use of stutters and backing plucks define the second level which further enhance the rhythm and complexity. The use of a layered percussive pluck helps to bring out and define a variated baseline.

Before the final level, Sam decides to breaks down into an upbeat chiptune arpeggio that’s bound to grab the attention of classic video game fans. The use of crushed and dreamy plucks provides an unusual yet fitting vibe to the track before returning to an industrial beat down full of deep, bit crushed basses. Level three’s subtle use of zipping basses and blend of chiptune melodies demonstrates Jauz’s ability to merge heavy baselines and airy synths into one powerful package.

Isaac Vess

I’m a 19-year-old bedroom producer from a small town in South Carolina. Usually I spend most of my time creating music and exploring sound design, but when I’m not on my PC I’m usually gaming.