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EDM.com Spotlight

Bassnectar Takes On Buku With A Rowdy "Front To Back" Remix

Bassnectar is back with a new remix via Spinnin' Records today, taking on Buku with a rowdy re-imagining of "Front To Back." The new track arrives in the wake of some major announcements from the basshead last month, including an upcoming collaboration with G Jones and a psychedelic downtempo side project called NAUX FAUX.

For his "Front To Back" remix, Bassnectar issues a subdued approach centered around the main synth riff from the original release. The producer beefs up the song's crowd appeal with thicker drum hits and a gritty distortion on the synths, resulting in a high octane facelift with the festival crowds in mind.

While Bassnectar's rendition of "Front To Back" isn't the most adventurous remix out there, the producer makes use of the song's best elements while adding an extra degree of oomph to the finished product. The new rework ranks as a worthy follow up to the original release, and a strong start to what's sure to be a productive period for Bassnectar.

Take a listen to Bassnectar's new remix below.