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A Fan Liked My Set So Much She Tried To Steal My Mixer


House icon Erick Morillo pens this story for Thump to share about a time when a fan almost walked off with his mixer.

This article originally appeared on Thump

We've all experienced a life-changing DJ set that moves us to become one with the music. But what happens when you love the music so much that you want to take it with you? Erick Morillo recently faced down an enthusiastic fan that wanted to take all parts of his DJ set–including the mixer–home with her when she left. Here's his story.

It was possibly one of the best nights that I've experienced as a DJ in London, but it almost had a disastrous ending. Last November, I played at the Egg for the first time. The place was packed and the energy was absolutely rocking. I was only supposed to play a few hours, but ended up playing an eight-hour set that lasted until 7am.

The DJ booth there is really low. You are practically eye to eye with the clubbers. Around 3:30am, I noticed a girl who was really excited. She was young, probably in her mid-twenties. She was dancing front and center having the best time, really into the music and going for it. Her energy was amazing!

While the music was pumping, she reached over the booth and grabbed the mixer. My tour manager saw her and was able to pull her hands off of it. She then reached back over the booth and grabbed all of the cables connected to the back of the mixer.


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