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EDM.com Spotlight

Watch Swizz Beatz & Just Blaze Get Down With An Epic Beat Battle

Swizz Beatz and Just Blaze recently went head to head for an epic beat battle that extended well past the two hour mark. The entire tournament was caught on camera and uploaded to YouTube by Hot97, where the video has quickly amassed upwards of 900,000 views.

Over the course of nearly three hours, the two hip hop producers duke it out with a barrage of freestyle beats and on the fly instrumentals, utilizing a mix of drum pads, turntables and laptops to hash out a seamless flow of music. Due to the open ended nature of the performance, the music heard within the battle is varied and constantly evolving, held together by an intrinsic groove.

In a quote, Just Blaze explained how the beat battle came about.

"We had no plan. There was no idea. We were initially talking about three sounds or four sounds or five sounds. It was going to be all new music. There were some technical issues at the last moment, so we had to go off whatever catalog he had on his computer and whatever catalog I had on my computer. It was great. It was fun for Hip Hop. It was one of the things that we knew it would be big. We didn’t know it would become a moment in the way that it did. "

The battle offers up an impromptu and unrefined look at two artists engaged in their creative process, and is definitely worth a view for fans of hip hop and beat oriented music alike.

Check out the epic beat battle below.

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