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EDM.com Spotlight

Porter Robinson Drops Truth Bomb About the State of Electronic Music

One of the more prominent figures in electronic music, Porter Robinson, took to Twitter on Sunday to express his current distaste for today’s EDM.

The tweet was deleted shortly after he posted it, yet it showed an artist that is getting fed up with the current state of electronic music.

Robinson released his first EP, “Spitfire,” in 2011 through Skrillex’s label, OWSLA. At the time, he was still cultivating his sound and it wasn’t until 2014, with the release of his album, “Worlds,” that he finally found his synth-pop, anime-inspired, grandiose sound.

This album spun electronic music into a different direction and it was obvious that Robinson wasn’t going to stick to what was making EDM popular. This also isn’t the first time that Robinson has criticized the genre even going back to 2012 when he said after performing at a festival, “I felt [EDM] had gotten super-homogenized and limiting in terms of artistic expression.” However, the upside of this currently deleted tweet is that he’s finding motivation for hopefully what may be his next album. He does bring originality to the table and it’ll be very interesting to see where he is going in the future

Whether or not you agree with Porter Robinson’s statement, we can all agree that the genre still has a long way to go. It’s blossoming with talent and it’s still very young. It’s full of dreamers and far fetched ideas that have yet to find their grand potential. Isn’t that what makes it so special?

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