EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

Feel the Nostalgia with these Top 10 Tracks of Our Favorite Old School Remixes

Nostalgia is one of the greatest feelings that music is capable of bringing to us as an audience.

Through remixing and revamping our oldie-but-goodie favorites and beloved tracks from the past, artists are able to create a sensation that is familiar, yet new.

A perfect example is found in DJ/Producer, Manila Killa’s, personalized edit of Enya’s 2000 classic “Only Time”, which was released yesterday. The song starts at home with those heavenly chords and the angelic high pitch voice. Midway, a French excerpt is added to the original sprinkled with vocal chops, creating a romantic essence.

Other artists that have successfully brought us on a trip down memory lane include Luca Lush’s “One More Time”, Two Friend’s “Mr. Brightside” and Point Point’s “Suga Suga” remixes. Remembering where you were when you first heard the original song, whether it be a live show or alone at home with your headphones, brings a sense of ease to our minds and joy to our hearts – which is why we’re listening to music anyways, am I right?!

We live in an amazing time where musical freedom soars through remaking timeless favorites, and this is not something to take for granted. Can you imagine if copyright laws prohibited some of our favorite remixes to be made?

Literally horrible.

Take full advantage of reliving childhood memories through listening to this playlist - and let’s go back in time, hand in hand!