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EDM.com Spotlight

OWSLA Gears Up For House Music Takeover Compilation With HOWSLA

OWSLA, one of electronic music’s leading labels, just announced a brand new house-focused compilation called HOWSLA.

The initiative is curated by none other than the label head himself, Skrillex who has teamed up with long-time producer Chris Lake to select the tracks. Lake also produced the compilations leading single, titled “I Want You.” The single has been making waves long before its official release, and some of you are sure to have already heard it on the dancefloor. It’s smooth, dark and sultry; a real future house gem and a great way to kick off the compilation. It’s accompanied by a music video following the same theme, courtesy of OWSLA.

While discussing the HOWSLA compilation, Chris Lake told Billboard, “We just wanted the coolest shit on this album,” he says, “the stuff that we felt was very 2017 and beyond. No looking back, completely looking forward … I'm absolutely very excited to be letting people hear this. There are artists on there that are supremely talented, and they're absolutely future. [These are] the artists that will be shaping the sound of house music in America and then beyond for the next few years.”

With that said, we can’t wait to see what the compilation will turn out to be.

The HOWSLA compilation is slated for a May 5th release, but that’s not all. Le Jardin, a nightclub in LA, is welcoming HOWSLA for an all out house music residency this summer. Take a look at the dates below, and get ready for the house music takeover.


Week 1: Sunday May 28th

Week 2: Sunday June 4th

Week 3: Sunday June 19th

Week 4: Sunday July 9th

Week 5: Sunday July 23rd

Week 6: Sunday August 13th

Week 7: Sunday August 27th

Week 8: Sunday September 3rd